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Cub Large Commercial Vehicle Turn Assist and Blind Spot Information System

Assistance at inner side of turn
Detection and visual warning at speeds under 40km/h with advance auditoryalert when a turn is detected
Blind Spot Detection
Detection of objects in designated blind areas at speeds under 40km/h or fast approaching objects
when stationary with advance auditory alert if a turn is detected

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for commercial vehicle.

(with RS232 cable to support specific fleet management system)
Tire Pressure Sensor (TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a device inside the tire that instantly detects tire pressure
and temperature and transmitted data to a receiving device inside the truck.
The driver can know the current status of the tire, further reducing the probability of the accident and improve fuel economy average of about 2%.


Keyless Internal  Electromechanical  Motorized Lock,

controlled by  your GPS/GSM  tracking device, telematics system or dedicated  Wi-Fi  controller, will secure the cargo gates of an enclosed trailer (truck) until it reached the destination point.
The device locks /unlocks the doors of the cargo compartments of the box-trucks or enclosed trailers and sends  “LOCKED”/ “UNLOCKED” signal to the telematics device. 
 It can be easily integrates into the vehicle GPS tracking or telematics system , was adapted for use  in  refrigerators feature of opening lock  stuck  due to cold ambient.


Korean company MOVON devices

DVR with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) system
MDAS-9N connects and transmits data and video with the help of a telematics unit to a cloud server or MDVR via RS232, Ethernet, CAN protocols.
    real-time video transmission
    high quality video transfer to mDVR via ethernet cable
    viewing of violations and video archive for insurance claims
    reduction of the probability of road accidents


    Driver condition monitoring system MDSM-7
    This device ensures control of the driver's physical condition (attention, sleepiness, distraction, etc.)
    and care for the health and life of passengers,
    thereby increasing the safety of all road users.



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